Confront toxic cultures: Steve Browne talks to Oven-Ready HR

Steve Browne, author of HR On Purpose

Considered by many to be the parish priest of HR, Steve Browne has for the last 30 years evangelised about a profession that has, at times,  appeared ill at ease with itself.

He states in his book HR On Purpose, the view from those outside of the profession is that we make “magnificent apologists” and we have often taken the stance of the organisational martyr. Steve Browne would like us to think differently by “owning” what we do, recognising the value that we bring and understanding the transformative power that simple, pragmatic cultural shifts can have.

As an unapologetic non-conformist, Steve Browne’s refreshing and upbeat approach appeals to those HR professionals and business leaders who intrinsically value and recognise the contribution all employees make to the success of an organisation.

This feel good and positive interview whilst looking at some of the absurdities of modern HR life comes though with an underlying warning for all HR professionals on the perils of not confronting poor or toxic work cultures.

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