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Philippa Cox, Corporate Partnerships Manager – Youth Adventure Trust

If you receive a copy of theHRDIRECTOR through the post you will notice that on the front of the envelope and within the publication itself, there are adverts highlighting that 25% of each subscription is donated to a charity. This is a really visible way theHRDIRECTOR is proving commitment to CSR, to its subscribers and to a wider audience. In this last article, we wanted not only to thank theHRDIRECTOR for their generosity, but also show the real difference this support is making to vulnerable young people.

As a charity specialising in getting vulnerable young people active and outdoors to build their confidence and resilience, we were delighted to run a total of 8 individual Activity Days over the February half term which were attended by 87 people (a maximum of 15 on each day, in line with the National Youth Agency government approved guidelines for youth work).These days provided a rare opportunity for our young people to get outside; have some social interaction with their peers; have fun and challenge themselves again. This was particularly important after they have endured the restrictions of lockdown and in the vast majority of cases have been off school since Christmas.

Despite some very chilly, windy and wet weather, the young people got stuck in with activities including; fire lighting, shelter building, whittling, campfire cooking, rope swing construction and a day spent at a horse rescue centre, caring for the horses. Their enthusiasm highlighted the importance of young people’s need to have a day away from high pressure home situations, where many are not getting out at all and are spending huge amounts of time on screens and in their bedrooms.

Thanks to their generosity over the past 3 months, theHRDirector have helped young people like Chloe:

Chloe has social anxiety which has got worse during the pandemic; she is worried about leaving the house and is terrified about the thought of having to go back to school. The sessions aim to help with her anxiety, by giving her a space to talk, come up with coping strategies and to build up her confidence to face challenges. We knew that we had to help Chloe become more comfortable with the idea of leaving the house, so her Programme Manager arranged to meet her for a walk and a chat. Although she was nervous, she did it and said how much better she felt afterwards. This paved the way to her attending the Activity Day.

Even though she was extremely nervous about it, we were really pleased when she said ‘yes’ to attending. We knew that this was a big step for Chloe, but she trusted us and we knew that it would be so beneficial for her to attend. Despite numerous texts in the run up to the Activity Day, telling us how worried she was and that she didn’t think she could do it, she managed to join us for a day helping out at a local horse charity. Chloe loves horses and was in her element when working with all the animals at the sanctuary. At the end of the day she told her Programme Manager how glad she was that she came and that she is planning to join us again in April and has agreed to go on another walk before then to keep her building her confidence about going outside.

It is only thanks to our friends, like theHRDIRECTOR, that we are able to provide the dedicated and personalised support that young people like Chloe need. The trusting relationship that she has developed with the Youth Adventure Trust has helped her to realise that she can overcome her fears. Little by little, by taking on these challenges of getting outside the house, Chloe is learning that she can do it and recognising that she feels happier, more confident and brave afterwards. Each time it will become a little bit easier and she will learn that she can do more than she thinks she can, which will help enormously when she is faced with the challenge of going back to school in March.

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