Seeds of opportunity: Charlie Gilkes talks to Oven-Ready HR

Charlie Gilkes (right) and Duncan Stirling, co-founders of Inception Group. Photo: Inception Group

Pre-Pandemic, Charlie Gilkes, co-founder of the Inception Group, a collection of some of London’s coolest, bars, restaurants was riding high.  His 11 experiential venues were a magnet for sophisticated professionals seeking an alternative to an otherwise bland scene of identical looking venues offering much the same products and service.

Although his venues remain shuttered for now, Gilkes remains optimistic and given the strong brands he has created and his loyal customer base, he believes the Inception Group is well placed for when life begins to return to normal.

In this episode, Charlie Gilkes gives his take on:

  • What personal attributes and attitudes he seeks when hiring new employees
  • How the pandemic has ‘tested his mettle’ and the insights this has given him
  • How Covid has provided the business time to reflect, simplify and try new ideas
  • How adversity has brought the hospitality sector closer together
  • The importance of the hospitality sector to the economy and the lack of Government support
  • How the insurance sector has failed the UK hospitality sector
  • Why a career in hospitality remains a fantastic career choice.

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