Talent Consulting Firm Launches Scientifically Validated Agility Model


A unique model to help measure and develop workforce agility has been launched by a team of business psychologists and talent experts at Morgan Philips Talent Consulting. The scientifically validated model delivers powerful insight into workforce and talent agility and helps leaders and managers develop their people to meet the challenges of the new world of work.

Not too long ago, the nature of business was widely predictable, enabling businesses to plan ahead of time using well-established methods based on ‘what has worked before.’ Even before the pandemic, the landscape was shifting dramatically, with innovation, disruption, workforce and consumer expectations evolving at a pace. In the new world, businesses will need to rapidly adapt and evolve to survive, and workforce agility will replace command and control.

A 2019 global talent survey produced Morgan Philips reported that 85 per cent of business leaders surveyed believed the agility of their workforce was central to their business success.  The firm’s subsequent executive briefing in 2020 ‘Agility: Unlocking the Potential of Individuals and Teams’ projected that within five years businesses would need to operate one third faster to survive.

Over 24 months, the team at Morgan Philips Talent Consulting tracked the broad trends that have been impacting their clients and the behaviours in individuals and teams within them. These included exponential technology change, political, social and economic change and changing attitudes to work. The resulting scientifically validated Agility Model was developed to meet the effects of critical workplace challenges; challenges that have been accelerated by the unprecedented disruption of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Phil Jefferis, Development Practice Lead at Morgan Philips Talent Consulting says, “A business cannot be agile, only the people within the business can make it agile. Focusing solely on systems, processes and structures won’t get you there. It is how your leaders, managers and whole workforce think and behave that builds an organisation that can be nimble and competitive in your marketplace.”

Dr Dane Poboka, Managing Director, Morgan Philips Talent Consulting says, “What we know now is that the traditional plan and predict model of business strategy is increasingly difficult to sustain. We need to have a sense and respond approach to the business landscape we’re in and empower the individual to affect the whole. Agility as a way of working, and the ability to adapt and perform in real-time will be one of the most critical factors for businesses, particularly as we come out of the pandemic.”

The Morgan Philips Agility Model was created to help address pressing challenges faced by business leaders – developing leaders that are able to flex and adapt plans to meet objectives; helping teams to see challenges as learning opportunities, rather than obstacles; and enabling individuals and teams to leverage their strengths to drive the pace of growth.

The model takes the concept of agility, with its many ‘moving parts,’ and provides a simple yet powerful way to approach it. It breaks down Agility into three core aspects – people, performance and growth.

Jefferis continues, “Agility is a complex area that needs a roadmap. We want leaders and managers to have a reliable tool that builds a common language inside their businesses, to drive the changes they need in their people. This means the application and insight gained by using the talent agility model can be used in a variety of different ways to unlock potential and improve performance.”

To find out more, and download the Morgan Philips Talent Consulting Agility Executive Briefing, visit Talent Agility & Organisational Agility | Morgan Philips UK



About Morgan Philips Talent Consulting

With over 35 years’ experience, Morgan Philips Talent Consulting is an industry-leading team of experts, dedicated to helping organisations unlock the full potential of their people and achieve success. The team has created user-friendly tools which are modern, grounded in the latest science and provide robust insight to support critical talent decisions. Their unique perspective on agility helps unlock the potential of individuals and teams, driving the pace at which organisations can change and grow.


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