The post-lockdown office: Mark Kass talks to Oven-Ready HR

Mark Kass

‘Social entrepreneur’ Mark Kass, takes us through the highs and lows of operating a co-working and business centre operation during the pandemic.

CEO and chairman of The Enterprise4Good Group, Mark operates a socially responsible stable of brands to create measurable social, environmental and economic impact. His typical clients are the start-up, SME and freelancer sector all of which have been deeply affected by the effects of Covid-19 and of course don’t have the deep resources available to weather an extended business shutdown.

In this podcast episode, Mark discusses the particular challenges his business and its clients face with so many people working from home. Topics include:

  • Why commercial landlords need to think differently about property
  • How HR should be involved in planning future office needs
  • Creativity and communication
  • Adapting different business models and delivery methods
  • A potential renaissance of regional towns and cities.

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