Top 10 HR questions January 2021: Home-schooling, furlough, vaccinations

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With strengthened lockdown measures in January, employers have again been asking for guidance on employees who are home-schooling.

In addition to school closures, questions about employers’ responsibilities to employees who are shielding, or who live with others who are clinically vulnerable, also feature in the top 10 FAQs for January.

And as the rollout of vaccinations gets underway, employers are considering the implications for their workforce.

The top 10 HR questions in January 2021:

1. How should employers respond if employees are affected by school closures to prevent the spread of coronavirus?

2. Can an employer require employees to have a coronavirus (Covid19) vaccination?

3. Can an employer require employees to be tested for coronavirus (Covid-19)?

4. Can an employer place an employee on furlough if they need to stay at home to look after their children?

5. What should an employer do if an employee who is shielding because they are clinically extremely vulnerable from coronavirus cannot work from home?

6. How should employers carry out right to work in the UK checks for European nationals following Brexit?

7. What should an employer do if an employee refuses to wear a face covering when this is required?

8. Do employers have a duty to take special measures to protect those employees who are most at risk if they are exposed to coronavirus?

9. What obligations does an employer have to an employee who lives with someone who is at very high risk of serious illness from coronavirus?

10. What is the effect of Brexit on the application of the General Data Protection Regulation to the UK?

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