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TalenD Consultants Choises

We have selected a great collection of titles and we recommend them to continuous learners.    

Effective Thought Process

How to recognize and avoid common mental missteps.

Innovative Thinking

How Google achieves high performance teams that win.

Going Agile for a New Era

Do you want to build a truly agile business?

Purpose and Profit in ONE

How future success, stability, and security of our society can be achieved from an organisation.

Decision Making Guide

Try the fifty best decision-making models used on MBA courses

Leading Masterclass

Inspiration for those looking to start a career, lead others, or lead an organisation.

The guide for Automisation

Any business can become productively and profitably involved in the AI "revolution."

Leaders Lead Culture

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Your Best Seller

Share with us your favourite business book title.