Building the case for tech training and investment


The pandemic has presented organisations with an opportunity to transform the way they work and what they have to offer, with many reinventing business models, ramping up their customer-centric capabilities and delivering new products and services.

The success of the ambitious is dependent on the skills of their people, but there is simply not enough digital talent to meet demand. This skills shortage will only be widened by the pressure to accelerate digital transformation programmes across every sector in the UK..

The Institution of Engineering and Technology has found that 60% of organisations cite the recruitment of engineering and technical staff with the right skills as the biggest barrier to achieving business objectives over the next three years.

But hiring experienced talent isn’t the only answer: upskilling and reskilling staff – particularly those at risk of redundancy – could help solve the digital skills conundrum.

Download the white paper from leading tech skills organisation QA to find out the value digital upskilling and reskilling can bring to your business.


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