Covid-19 Reboarding – time for a ‘re-set’ not just back to ‘normal’



In the next in our series of Covid-19 interviews with Senior HR Leaders, our Founder & Managing Director, Peter Banks, talks directly to Graham White, Retired HRD.

Graham shares his thoughts, from his position of being a retired HRD and watching on with envy as HR has the opportunity to rise to the challenge in tackling this crisis. In this insightful interview, Graham challenges even the mention that this is ‘unprecedented’ as history shows us that we have faced high levels of uncertainty before, so there are comparisons and learning from our past to help us get through this.

Peter Banks, Founder & Managing Director of theHRDIRECTOR commented: “Graham, as a retired HRD, offers us a different perspective as he doesn’t have the added pressure of shareholders and stakeholders to answer to, so he asks some very poignant questions. He passionately shares his thoughts as he clearly wears his heart on his sleeve and really sees this as an opportunity for a re-set and not just getting back to the norm – which I am in total agreement with. Let’s not waste this opportunity to make some real change for the better.”

Watch this next in the series as we look to uncover a rich source of ideas, insight, strategies and new working practices to guide us through this global pandemic.

Watch our previous Covid-19 video interviews in this series on our HRDTV You Tube channel


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