“Government has done enough to get us through crisis”, say temp workers


Kate Garbett, Head – Office Angels

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Over two thirds (69%) of those who were temporary workers before the COVID-19 crisis believe the Government has done enough to support them during the pandemic, according to new research.

The study of 500 office-based temporary workers, conducted by Office Angels, part of the Adecco Group UK&I, highlights that measures taken by the Government to support temporary workers have overall been successful.

However, there is a significant generational split – with almost all (80%) of Generation Z temporary workers reporting they don’t think the Government has provided enough support throughout the crisis. In stark contrast, three quarters (75%) of those aged 35 to 44 and 86% of those aged over 55 do believe the Government has done enough to get them through the lockdown period.

These findings highlight that the Government must make sure it is providing measures that support temporary workers, not just the older generations.

The research further found that a higher proportion of men (72%) than women (56%) feel they have been adequately supported as a temporary worker by the Government’s measures.

Interestingly, there is no obvious North-South divide on this issue. Almost all (82%) of those respondents in East England agree the support measures have been enough, along with 71% of the North East, 89% of the North West and 90% of those in the South West – plus 71% of those in Greater London. The only noticeable disparity was seen in the West Midlands, with 42% reporting they didn’t think the Government had done a good job.

When asked about the challenges of being a temporary worker during the lockdown period, only 16% of respondents cited uncertainty around whether the furlough scheme applied to them. This suggests that the majority of temporary workers felt companies and the Government did do a good job in communicating the parameters of the furlough scheme.

Kate Garbett, Head of Office Angels, commented on the findings, “It’s encouraging to see that the majority of temporary workers do feel they have been supported by the Government during the COVID-19 crisis. However, policymakers cannot rest on their laurels. They still need to provide tangible support and guidance to those looking for both temporary and permanent roles as we move out of lockdown into a better normal.

“As the job market changes over the coming months, it’s important for temporary workers who want to either move to a permanent role or increase their salaries and/or responsibilities while remaining temporary workers, to continuously upskill themselves. While temporary workers should take some responsibility for this, the Government and companies need to provide adequate resources to enable and support them in doing so.”


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