Revealed – the top 5 fastest growing C-suite roles in the UK

Adam Hawkins – LinkedIn

New data from LinkedIn reveals the top 5 fastest growing C-suite roles in the UK. Chief Revenue Officer, Chief Growth Officer and Chief People Officer roles have risen in demand over the past year as companies navigated the global pandemic and managed the impact on business performance.

Demand for Chief Medical Officer roles has also grown which is likely to have been influenced by the global health crisis.

Adam Hawkins, Head of Search & Staffing at LinkedIn, said: COVID-19 has dramatically impacted how businesses operate which has necessitated a shift in demand for executives with specific skill sets. C-suite roles that directly impact the stability and growth of organisations have seen the fastest rise. We’ve also seen growing demand for Chief Medical Officers as health-driven leadership and employee wellness becomes a business imperative. With businesses now looking to reset after a turbulent year, there is increasing emphasis on ensuring the right leadership is in place to ensure a strong recovery.”

Jennifer Dodman, Chief Medical Officer at Ford Motor Company, said: “The Chief Medical Officer role has become more prominent over the last year due to the global pandemic. Implementing and managing new COVID-19 initiatives to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees has been a top priority at Ford. I have seen a greater increase in companies seeking medical advice from specialists when making decisions and initiatives for employees and customers. Close collaboration within the global Ford teams, and with external colleagues has been invaluable in helping us to keep our people safe, while navigating the challenges that the last year has presented.”

The UK’s top 5 fastest growing C-suite roles: 

  1. Chief Revenue Officer – Given the disruption and uncertainty businesses have experienced over the past year, many have been forced to rethink how they operate in the future to drive profitability and growth. The Chief Revenue Officer is in charge of a company’s revenue streams and are essential to driving integration and alignment between all revenue-generating functions. LinkedIn’s data highlights that demand for executives in this role has increased by 50% as a proportion of total C-suite hires in 2020, compared to the previous year.
  2. Chief Growth Officer – Rivalling the Chief Marketing Officer in recent years, the role of Chief Growth Officer has increased by 37%. Blending the expertise of marketing, sales, product development and finance, the Chief Growth Officer helps businesses achieve their strategic objectives.
  3. Chief People Officer – Many businesses have had to shift their entire workforces to remote working during the global pandemic, instigating a huge change in how workforces have traditionally operated. Companies have also had to be even more cognisant of the health and wellbeing of their employees. The need for clear workforce guidance, new ways of working, updated policies, benefits and operations have become crucial to businesses large and small, and demand for Chief People Officers has increased by 35% as a result.
  4. Chief Medical Officer – Due to COVID-19, the public has heard directly from Chief Medical Officers more than ever before. LinkedIn has seen a 28% increase in executives in this role across the public and private sector. For the private sector specially, the Chief Medical Officer is likely to play an integral role this year as employee health and wellbeing becomes a business imperative.
  5. Chief Strategy Officer – As businesses reset and consider their priorities over the next few years, greater emphasis is being put on setting out clear strategic business initiatives and communicating how these will be executed in what could be a continued uncertain environment. The Chief Strategy Officer is leading this effort, resulting in a 21% rise in demand for the role over the past year.

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