Top 10 HR questions August 2020: Returning to work and quarantine


Many questions during August were about maximum working temperatures

The summer holiday season raised questions for employers about the impact of self-isolating and quarantining after returning from abroad. A heatwave in some parts of the UK during August also led HR professionals to ask about maximum working temperatures. 

Absence issues for workers on furlough also featured in the top 10 FAQs on XpertHR during the month of August.

As businesses continue to carry out redundancies, queries about the redundancy process and notice periods were also popular.

The top 10 HR questions in August 2020:

1. If an employee is advised to self-isolate to avoid the risk of spreading coronavirus, are they entitled to sick pay? 

2. How should an employer deal with annual leave requests where the employee would be required to quarantine after travelling abroad? 

3. Is an employee entitled to their normal full pay during the notice period if they are made redundant while on furlough? 

4. Is there a maximum workplace temperature beyond which employees cannot be expected to work? 

5. What should the employer do if an employee is reluctant to return to work as the coronavirus lockdown is lifted? 

6. Can an employer place an employee on furlough leave if they are off sick? 

7. What should the employer and employee discuss at an individual redundancy consultation meeting? 

8. Can an employee take annual leave while on furlough? 

9. Can an employee be required to use up outstanding holiday entitlement during their notice period? 

10. Is an employer obliged to wait a certain period of time before re-employing an employee who was dismissed for redundancy?


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