Top 10 HR questions February 2021: Vaccination and IR35


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Can employers insist on their staff having a coronavirus vaccination?

As the UK vaccination programme extends to include younger age groups, HR is asking about the implications for their workforce.

Reforms to the “IR35 rules” on off-payroll working come into force in the private sector on 6 April 2021. FAQs on what employers need to do to comply with the new rules were popular last month.

The top 10 HR questions in February 2021:

1. Can an employer require employees to have a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination?

2. What is IR35?

3. How should employers carry out right to work in the UK checks for European nationals following Brexit?

4. Which individuals does an organisation need to assess under the IR35 rules?

5. Which organisations are responsible for applying the IR35 rules from 6 April 2021?

6. What impact will Brexit have on employment law?

7. Is the £95,000 cap on exit payments in the public sector in force?

8. Is employing contractors on fixed-term contracts a solution for ensuring compliance with the IR35 rules?

9. When is it permissible for an employer to terminate the contract of an employee on the grounds of ill health?

10. Under the IR35 rules, does an organisation have to provide a status determination statement to all the contractors it engages?

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