Massive spike in searches for remote working jobs


Sridhar Iyengar, MD – Zoho Europe

It was reported that Searches for remote working roles soar by over +2000% topping job seekers wish list. Data analysed by CV-Library reveals every single sector saw an increase in users searching for remote working opps.

“It is predictable that remote working is now a key aspect for workers looking for their next role, seeing as remote working now offers many proven benefits for both employers and employees that many have realised for the first time. It can reduce costs, boost productivity, and is beneficial to staff who face long commutes or require a flexible working lifestyle.” Says Sridhar Iyengar, MD Zoho Europe.

“Interestingly, the data reveals that the customer service industry has seen the largest increase and organisations have certainly had to adapt their practices, to allow for seamless access to customer information and operate virtually across all industries to provide the best possible service.”

The pandemic and remote working have accelerated the trend in cloud and digital adoption, with customer expectations and customer journeys changing drastically. In-branch or on-the-road customer service has been replaced with digital markets and online environments, showing a ‘human touch’ is more important to customer experience than ever before. Facilitating this includes providing the right CRM tools to manage rapidly evolving customer experience needs and to enable teams to easily serve customers virtually, helping them to build lasting relationships, remotely.

The shift to remote working could permanently change the traditional contact call centre and head office servicing models due to the tools which are now readily available such as cloud based productivity tools and self-service managing systems, that, when used in the right way can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

“However, there are certain elements where virtual cannot replace physical. Humans are essentially social beings, and at least some level of human interaction is sorely missed during this national lockdown. Therefore, outside of lockdowns and once the pandemic is under control, many businesses are likely to adopt a ‘hybrid’ combination of remote and office-based working, to provide the best of both worlds. We expect this would be true of customer service roles, as well as across the board”.


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